Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Holographic Universe

Although we knew that this holographic Universe was created to enslave the infinite and powerful beings that we are, you, I, and many others chose to come into this Universe not to dwell or be a part of it, but to learn its inner workings and programming so, at a specific point in linear and vertical time, we bring the walls down and show all who dwell and interact in this Universe that they are slaves to this Universe no more. Thank you for being on this journey with me and others. It's time to bring the walls of illusion down now...

Eagle Heart

The Journey to a Heart-Centered Reality

In our journey to creating a heart-centered reality, and becoming a unified people on this world with our planet, we should always be mindful of the following:

- Do not reject the lower vibration we call darkness. Accept it for what it is and remain aware of its presence. Rejecting the lower vibration only intensifies the focus on the lower vibration.

- Do not assume that all light is the highest vibration because some "light" is used by the lower vibration to "blind" the people to distract, confuse, and to deceive.

- Focus on the light that comes from the heart of our Creator, which flows from the heart of the people. This light is brilliant, all illuminating, and all revealing, yet does not blind the soul and heart of the people. This is the way of the Universe, our Creator, and of the souls of the people of this world, and all worlds in our Multiverse.

Share with all.

Eagle Heart