Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Practice of the 6 Heart Virtues and the Rise of the New Human Condition

Many of the experiences we see in our outer world have been designed by those in control to divide the people of this world and pit them against each other, while the elite rake in the spoils of what the people make. But the people need to awaken to the fact that we have, and will always have, the power to relieve them of their perceived power and change our reality to one that truly serves the people. This reality resides within our hearts. We only need to return to our hearts, connect with the other people at the heart, and together we will bring forth a heart-centered reality where there's no judgement, no hate, and no war, but only the virtues of forgiveness, valor, appreciation,, understanding, humility, and compassion reign. These six virtues are the 6 heart virtues that will bring humanity out of this holographic Universe and into our true Universe, fully empowered, realized, and sovereign.

Practicing the 6 heart virtues will help humanity come together to the heart and move forward in one unified movement towards our eventual evolution. Anything outside of these virtues will only divide humanity. The side effect of practicing the 6 heart virtues is pure love.

But there's also another side effect, which is great for humanity, yet very difficult for the ego to accept. The practice of the 6 heart virtues allows the ego to see that it is, and has been, responsible for all that has occurred to it and its human companion. This is why the transition to a heart-centered reality has not occurred as of yet, but it is moving towards this reality now much more quickly.

Practice the 6 heart virtues and the change you see within yourself will be reflected to you by all in your world.  And so it is... Make it so.

Eagle Heart

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

7th Entry-5th Interview with Dr. Jamisson Neruda: Quantum Pause Breathing and the Practice of the Six Heart Virtues

This is entry #7 for those following the Wingmakers material. Again, know that although the Advanced Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) may appear to work for the good of the people, their intentions are self-serving due to the resistance to share the advanced technology knowledge to the world, which can help the people. Elite organizations that the ACIO are working with are not who we have been led to believe, i.e., the Illuminati, Masons, etc.  The true organization that is manipulating the people, to include these elite organizations, is called the Incunabula. 

Below is an excerpt of pages 224-226 and pages 231-233 from Interview #5 between Sarah (journalist) and Dr. Jamisson Neruda, who defected from the ACIO. To read all 5 interviews with Dr. Neruda, follow this link:

In our current world of power and wealth held by the so-called elites, many have said it’s near to impossible to change the current state of affairs, and that humanity may be powerless to change the world.  The elite have in numerous occasions taunted the people to try to rise up and challenge them, even to use any means of weapons they may possess, and the people will fail. But we are told by the Wingmakers that the change must be at a personal level… to change within first. This change, once accomplished, will propagate into the unconscious field and be heard by all ready and willing to listen.  This personal change, if done earnestly, WILL change the world’s current state of affairs and WILL bring about a heart-centered reality. The way to bring about this change within us is through the exercising of the Six Heart Virtues and the breathing practice called Quantum Pause.

The world, and its current state of affairs, cannot be changed externally. This is near impossible to do and requires resources not available to the people.  But when we look within and change ourselves we then set into motion a change of events that will eventually change the way our world is operating.  Our focus truly determines our reality. When you create a heart-centered reality within yourselves we create it for the world as well.  WE begin this process through the practice of the Six Heart Virtues and Quantum Breathing for ourselves first. Once we do, the world reality will change.  Share with all so all may know.

Page 224-226: … Sarah: “So what did you do, to return to the Sovereign Integral process?”

Dr. Neruda: “Well, for me, I needed to direct the techniques inward.”

Sarah: “Explain what you mean…”

Dr. Neruda: “I was directing the heart virtues outward to others, but I wasn’t turning them inward to myself. It dawned on me that the inward was probably the most important place to start.”

Sarah: “How did you do that?”

Dr. Neruda: “It takes great alertness to live and express in the now. Human beings have the tendency to live in our past memories or future concerns. This was what I was doing and it took me from the now. And the now is where our life essence expresses. It isn’t in the past or future, only the consciousness framework pivots between past and future, so if you find yourself in there, you know you are not in your essence.

“When I realized this, I read from the WingMakers philosophy that breath was the magnet of nowness. It was the element that brought the human being into nowness by being aware of their breathing. I also learned that there were different kinds of breathing that enabled this sense of nowness to penetrate more vividly into the Hologram of Deception.

“The point is that simply being aware of my breath helped, as the WingMakers put it, to center me in stillness. This, by the way, doesn’t mean that you’re in a quiet room. You can be in a meeting at work, and center yourself in stillness through your breath. But by being in this internal centeredness I was in a better position to feel my own sense of expression, and that’s what was missing in my initial efforts to integrate this process. I didn’t have a good starting point for my practice of the heart virtues, and I was directing them outward—to other people or events, and not myself first.

“Once I made that adjustment, it helped me to identify my essence and distinguish it from my mind system. Life essence is authentic in oneness and equality and exclusively moves in nowness. The consciousness framework pivots between the past, present and future and operates in separation. If you express the heart virtues from the consciousness framework, especially outwardly, they won’t have the same potency or effect.”

Sarah: “You’ve mentioned the idea of resistive and insertive behaviors, and I think I understand the insertive behaviors in terms of expressing the heart virtues to one’s self and others, but talk a little bit about the resistive behaviors. What are they, and how does that work?”

Dr. Neruda: “Again, you need to start from the point of distinguishing your life essence in the now. Center yourself in nowness through being still and breath aware. Initially this may take some time, but it happens quicker with practice. Thought patterns that connect you to separation need to be stopped. Behaviors, too.

“You can simply say, I’ve identified a behavior that supports separation in this world. Let’s say I have believed that Muslims are less moral than atheists, and therefore less likely to get into heaven than someone who doesn’t even believe in god. This is a belief or thought form that relates to separation. I can say, stop that, but it’s not really effective for most people. I can resist the belief every time it expresses itself in my life, but many of these beliefs are so subtle and subconscious that we don’t even realize how they express themselves in our behaviors and choices.

“If you apply the heart virtues to yourself, like forgive yourself for having these perceptions, have some compassion for yourself that everyone is infected with these separation beliefs from their subconscious and unconscious mind layers. Be humble that making this resistive alteration is not just about you, but in a way, it’s about everyone, because we are one. Appreciate the fact that you’re working on this for the good of all. Have valor that you can stand up and resist these separation complexes that lurk in your programmed consciousness framework.

“You can see how I used the heart virtues to effectively deal with a belief or perception that separated me, not just from Muslims, though they were the target in this particular example, but when you draw separation lines around anyone, you’re operating from the consciousness system implant, and it only supports the Hologram of Deception.”

Sarah: “Okay, but you’re not suggesting that I look at rapists and murderers as one with me are you?”

Dr. Neruda: “Well that’s just it. They are. You can’t have oneness and equality and then say, well, that’s true, except for this population of society or these felons of the human race. There is no leper colony where humans are excluded outside of the circle. The circle is all-inclusive, or it is in illusion. This is an absolute.

“Remember my statement about the Hologram of Deception is a prison?”

Sarah: “Yes…”

Dr. Neruda: “There is no other prison inside the prison. We’re all in the prison. All of us are prisoners, even those who are in the Incunabula. There is no one who stands inside the prison walls and truly knows oneness and equality.”

Sarah: “But then how does it change, if no one knows this?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s a process—both for the individual and the human race. We work on it, together. We resist behaviors of separation and insert behaviors of oneness and equality. We disengage from the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, principles, people, organizations, currencies, food, clothing, fashion, toys, and everything else within the Hierarchy whose roots are nourished by separation.”

Sarah: “When you put it that way, it sounds daunting, even impossible.”

Dr. Neruda: “It has to be done, and it has to be done by us. The question is, if it has to be done, when does humanity want to do it? Now? A hundred years? A thousand years? Ten thousand years? The WingMakers are clear about this in their writings that if we wait until after Human 3.0, when man and machine become integrated, it will only become more difficult. Enslavement of life must end, at all levels….”

Page 231-233: … Sarah: “Okay, I think I understand… so I want to go back to this process. You said it has two main parts, insertive behaviors and resistive behaviors. You also mentioned something about breath, but I didn’t hear you say anything specific about it.”

Dr. Neruda: “Yes, the breath is an important way to bring you into self-awareness. It’s like a quantum light turning on that illuminates your life essence—that part of you that is not of the Human 2.0 interface. You’re able to sense and begin to re-experience this infinite being that is you.

“The breath is something that anyone can use without a lot of complication, and obviously, it’s always with you. It doesn’t require any technology or expertise. It’s really just a way to shift attention to the core of your self. The WingMakers write about quantum breathing or quantum pause. It’s a technique from Philosophy Seven.”

Sarah: “Can you explain it?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s very simple. You breathe in through your nose for about 2-4 seconds or whatever’s comfortable for you. Once you’ve filled your lungs, you pause or hold your breath for the same amount of time you breathed in. While you’re in the pause—holding your breath—feel it like a suspension of time, and fill that space with the feeling of I AM.”

Sarah: “Okay, sorry to interrupt, but tell me again, what is the I AM feeling? How do you define it?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s the sovereign aspect of consciousness. It’s not the personality that defines your human experience, or you typically associate with as yourself. It is the infinite consciousness of you. It is also one. I is one. It is one thing: infinite life. It is not the mind, nor the heart, nor the body, nor the feelings and emotions of the personality. It is singular in its depth and silence.”

Sarah: “Okay, go on…”

Dr. Neruda: “After you hold the breath in your lungs, and anchor it with the I AM feeling, you exhale through your mouth, again for the same period of time, and then you pause again—your lungs are empty, and as you pause, you hold the feeling of WE ARE. Then you repeat this cycle until you feel you’re done.”

Sarah: “Can you explain the WE ARE feeling, too?”

Dr. Neruda: “This is the sense of connection to all. The sense that you are connected and that the I AM feeling you held a moment ago is being shared with all. I use the outbreath pause to place any of the heart virtues that I’m working on at the time. For example, I might be working on the virtue of compassion in my personal life, and I can hold that feeling in that outbreath pause and imagine it is being shared with all.”

Sarah: “I think I understand what you’re saying, and I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but how can this possibly compete with a globalist agenda of world takeover?”

Dr. Neruda: “It’s a fair question. But look at the reality.

“There are many who’ve protested this enslavement. Throughout history there’ve been people that have come to this realization through various means, and they alerted people to this deception. They may call it a conspiracy without really understanding the depth of this deception or its ultimate plan, but in whatever way they know of this and at whatever level, they all experience fear. The fear is that we’re powerless to stop them.

“The capstone of the elite have been planning this for more than eleven thousand years, before Human 2.0 even existed the plot was devised. They have powerful interdimensional beings that know humanity on an intimate level, because they literally created the human being, and they can program humanity with such granularity as to define our life paths down to our day-to-day choices.

“How can one possibly defeat such an antagonist? They have the money, they have the politicians in their pockets, they have the defense and protection, they have the powerful relationships everywhere in the world and they have the most powerful technology in terms of surveillance and weapons. Their innermost circle is impenetrable.

“We can be wide awake and aware of what’s happening, but awareness doesn’t suddenly—in itself—change the chessboard. They taunt us to protest. Wave your signs, publish your websites, fling your fists to the sky, investigate all you want, it won’t change a thing. They will tell us to our faces that their power is inexhaustible. This is how they think.

“They want us to feel this futility and have this overriding sense that the endgame is unavoidable. They want us to believe that we are powerless. Remember, they are securing the world and its populations for the return of Anu. That is their program, and while only the capstone of the elite understands this plan, it is enough, because the downstream operatives are loyal, programmed entities….

Dr. Neruda: “The WingMakers have written that it isn’t the protests that will change this enemy. If we shout at them and practice resistance with our guns in the street, they will only squash us. To bring their objective to a halt, we need to push down the wall, and we can do this by being practitioners of the Sovereign Integral process or anything similar.
“If human beings become self-aware, de-programmed entities, who understand specifically how we have been enslaved and for what reason, we can collectively push down the wall that separates us from our true selves. This creates a chain reaction that affects everyone, including the capstone of the elite. The wall falls for them, too.

“It’s using the consciousness of the life essence to reveal the Human 2.0 consciousness as an invented reality. It’s weaning from the Hologram of Deception to the reality that all life exists infinitely as equals in oneness….”